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High Qulity Pest Control in Footscray

Are pests taking over your home? Put an end to the problem now with the exceptional services of 711 Pest Control! Our team consists of certified and well-trained pest control specialists, dedicated to providing pest-free environments for both residential and commercial properties.

From rodent infestations to possum troubles and insect issues, our customized pest control solutions in Footscray are designed to handle any situation effectively. Not only do we eliminate pests from your home, but we also implement preventive measures to ensure they don’t return.

Experience high-quality pest control services in Footscray today and enjoy a pest-free environment with our advanced techniques and eco-friendly methods. Don’t wait, schedule an appointment now to bid farewell to all your pest problems.

Pest Prevention Tips for Homeowners

  • Pest droppings: Pests such as rodents, cockroaches, and termites leave droppings behind. These droppings can be found in areas where pests are active, such as under appliances, in cabinets, and in corners.
  • Pest Tracks: Pests such as ants and cockroaches leave tracks behind as they move around your home. These tracks can be seen in dust or dirt, and they may be accompanied by small holes or other signs of damage.
  • Pest Nests: Some pests, such as bees and wasps, build nests in your home. These nests can be found in attics, walls, and other out-of-the-way places.
  • Pest Damage: Pests can cause damage to your home in a number of ways. pest can also contaminate food and spread diseases.
  • Pest Odors: Some pests, such as cockroaches and rodents, have a strong odor. This odor can be detected in areas where pests are active.
  • Pest Sounds: Some pests, such as rodents and bats, make noise as they move around your home. This noise can be heard at night or in other quiet times.
  • Bites: Some pests, such as bed bugs and mosquitoes, bite humans. These bites can be itchy and uncomfortable, and they may also cause allergic reactions.
  • Swarming: Some pests, such as ants and bees, swarm. This means that they gather together in large numbers. A swarm of pests can be a sign of a serious infestation.
  • Exclusion: Some pests, such as spiders and scorpions, build webs to catch their prey. These webs can be found in corners, ceilings, and other areas of your home.
  • Damaged Food: Pests can contaminate food. If you see any signs of pests in your food, throw it away immediately.

Our Proven Control Treatment Process

  • Inspection: The pest control professional will inspect your home or business to identify the type of pest and the extent of the infestation.
  • Preparation: The pest control professional will prepare your home or business for treatment by removing food, water, and other potential attractants for pests. They may also seal up any cracks or holes that pests could use to enter your home.
  • Treatment: The pest control professional will apply a pesticide or other treatment to kill the pests. The type of treatment used will vary depending on the type of pest.
    • Chemical treatments: These treatments use pesticides to kill pests.
    • Physical treatments: These treatments use methods such as trapping, heat, or cold to kill pests.
    • Biological treatments: These treatments use natural predators or parasites to control pests.
  • Cleanup: The pest control professional will clean up any mess caused by the treatment.
  • Follow-up: The pest control professional will schedule a follow-up visit to make sure that the treatment was effective.

Why Choose Us For Pest Control Services?

  • We offer pest removal services for many pests.
  • Depending on the type of pest, our pest control technician will curate the services accordingly. This way, we will be able to achieve the best results and help you in eliminating pests.
  • We are a committed team of pest controllers offering solutions across the city and its suburbs.
  • With several years of experience, we offer the most reliable solutions for a wide range of pests.
  • Our well-trained professionals are capable of removing possums, ants, spiders and rodents no matter how stubborn or old they are.
  • We help pest-proof homes and businesses.
  • We are available for emergency pest control services.
  • Serving all services at affordable prices.
  • A proud member of the AEPMA.

Exploring the Charms of Footscray

Footscray is a multicultural suburb located just a few kilometers west of Melbourne’s Central Business District. It is known for its vibrant atmosphere, diverse food options, and bustling markets. Footscray has a rich history and is home to many cultural institutions, including the Footscray Community Arts Centre. The suburb is well-connected to public transport, making it easy to access other parts of Melbourne. Footscray is a popular destination for students, young professionals, and families alike.

Easily controlled rats at my home

Rated 5.0 out of 5
20 June 2023

I was facing a lot of pest issues including rats in my house the previous month. Someone suggested me this professional and reliable service team. They inspected the house properly and controlled all pests(rats, ants and spiders). The price is very comfortable.

Rosy Adams

100 % Satisfaction

Rated 5.0 out of 5
3 June 2023

The 711 Pest Control Company did a great job by targeting all the areas of our house. The services are really professional and we are 100% satisfied with their work. Thank you for this excellent work.

A. Behich

Helped in bee removal

Rated 5.0 out of 5
28 May 2023

The staff was very helpful and took the bee removal issue so seriously. Thank you for solving the bee issue quickly and efficiently. They do a great job and are very kind and informative throughout the process. They are super professional.

Alex Bailey

Effective Wasp Treatment Options

Rated 5.0 out of 5
3 April 2023

The pest control company provides multiple effective pest treatment options to choose from. They easily control and remove all dangerous and non-dangerous species of wasps.

Roddy Grant

Affordable Price Services

Rated 4.0 out of 5
18 March 2023

I was searching for budget-friendly pest control services near my house. Thank you 711 Pest Control Company for the excellent services at an affordable price. They share prices after examining the pest infestation.

Martin Degenek
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