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711 Pest Control services in Melbourne eastern suburbs: Same day pest treatment, and Removal guaranteed

If a pest infestation is not handled properly, we know to what extent a pest and its colony can damage your property. Our experts respond quickly to our client’s concerns by providing same-day pest control service for all kinds of pests. With our Same-day Pest Control Eastern Suburbs Melbourne services, you will be free of pest issues in no time. Moreover, you can expect a pest-free environment once you ask us for pest treatment in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. So, call today at (03) 4505 2416.

Pest Inspection

Our licensed professionals will arrive at your home and inspect the roof space, all access points, the attic, and other rooms. This is to confirm the severity of the infestation and damage to the property. We also check for other factors that influence the growth of pest infestations.

Pest Treatment

We will customize a treatment plan based on findings during the inspection. While customizing a plan, we will detail and sort out everything from removal method to expected outcomes. We will also tell you the timeframe of treatment.

Dead Pest Removal

After treatment, we proceed with executing it. Dead pest removal is required for your safety. Some pests hide and die after some days of treatment. You should also check your house after a few days of the treatment.

Pest Control Melbourne

Leaders In Pest Control Melbourne Eastern Suburbs and Surroundings: Top Rated Pest Control Company For 25+ Years

711 Pest Control has experience of 20 years when it comes to providing professional and eco-safe pest control services. So, with 2 decades of in-field experience, we eventually gained a lot of skills that are definitely helpful and worthy. In fact, the experience and ventures we made in this field are what made us the leader of this industry.

To provide any of our offers with pest control in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, we extend our hands seven days a week. So, all you have to do is to name the suburb you live in and the service you want to avail yourself of from our side! Our best Pest Control services in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs is available for all.

Why Is Pest Control Important?

Instead of regularly checking your property for repairs and damages, you can simply go for pest control services. In fact, the main problem with pests is that once you find a pest, there is a high chance of many more infestations around you. And this tells you the importance of pest control.

  • Help to stabilize or improve the health of your home environment
  • Lowers the chance of getting any kind of disease from pests
  • Keep allergens and germs in check to improve hygienic conditions
  • Can prevent getting your property and its belongings damaged
Best Pest Control Services

Services Offered By 711 Pest Control Team

Our pest control and treatment team gives everyone that approaches us for availing pest control services a word of taking 711 slot booking. In addition to this, we are available for a variety of pest control services. Some of them are given below:

Natural Pest Control and Treatment Service For Domestic and Commercial Property

From conducting a pre-purchase inspection on a newly-purchased house to the end-of-lease pest control services, we do everything promptly. Our pest control team regulates and manages pest and pest infestation severity in both domestic and commercial places. Moreover, we complete this challenge only with the use of eco-safe natural pesticides to ensure everyone’s safety.

Domestic and Residential Pest Control

Simply getting rid of pests from your domestic premises will be a much bigger task than you might think it is. Moreover, if there are only one or two individuals to attend, then the pest control task is a very big challenge; if there is no proper knowledge about solutions and equipment to use. Hence, this is why you need to quickly grab our domestic & residential pest removal services. Also, we offer the best deals for spider pest control services.

Commercial Pest Management and Service

We are one of the prestigious firms that are capable of offering cheap commercial pest control services. Our excellent team provides a wide range of pest control services at a swift pace with zero delays. Our 711 Pest Control Melbourne Eastern Suburbs team getting onto the field for pest control will not disrupt any of your work and productivity. Moreover, when it comes to pest control prices, we don’t differentiate between family-owned and large-scale businesses. We take prices accordingly.

Pre-purchase Pest Control Service

To proceed with a peaceful lifestyle in your newly-bought residency, you have to go for pre-purchase pest control services before anything. In fact, experts like us do inspections for newly-bought houses before a buyer takes possession of it. This is so as to identify if there are any structural damages caused by pests or their colonies. In pre-purchase pest control, we cover both outdoor and indoor areas of a property. For in-depth details about this service of ours, enquire with us today!

End Of Lease Pest Control Services

Moving houses can be a stressful task and the last thing you might want to worry about is the end-of-lease pest control service. However, almost all real estate agents will want you to complete this work before vacating the place if you are a tenant. Hence, we take down-to-earth prices when it comes to providing end-of-lease pest control services. Our trained Pest Control Eastern Suburbs team will come at a time you are convenient and avail smooth, effective, and satisfactory services.

Possum Removal in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Torn soffit, roof spaces, broken gutters, and damaged sidings are a few signs of possum invasion for your property and their infestation growth. Possums are also known for their hissing, scratching, growling, clicking noises, etc during the night. So, to stop these nocturnal pests from disturbing your sleep, it would be a great decision if you grab our possum pest control service. Although possum removal is a challenging task, our skilled experts do it with ease. We are specialists in dead possum removal too.

Inspection And Removal Service

We are available with 24 hours emergency pest inspection and removal service

We are available for emergency pest inspections for customers. You can book the appointment by calling us on our telephone number. Although, we all know how important pest control services are in your lives if you have the problem of pests in your home. Also, you can choose affordable and reliable pest control services which suit your budget after the inspection. You can choose us because we offer services for Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and western suburbs. Our team is very helpful, trustworthy, and experienced. So just relax after booking the appointment and let us do your work.

Top 5 Reasons To Call 711 Pest Control Specialists

Pest control services by 711 Pest Control is a must if you want to get rid of annoying pests instead of avoiding or neglecting them in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. We have made a reputation for ourselves with both hard work and smart work. So, take a look at the reasons why we are the best pest management, team:

  • Customized treatment plans for active and dead pests
  • A pest control team of trained and certified professionals
  • Different methods to control a wide range of pests
  • Newest pest treatment equipment and vans
  • Booking service at straightforward pricing.

We are Available in The Entire Melbourne Eastern Suburbs With Quality Pest Management Service

It can be the best decision to choose us for pest control services in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs as we have qualified for Pest Control Licence. We offer services that are 100% safe and effective. That’s the reason for our demand in the entire VIC region. Our customers are so happy to choose us. Our team has local workers in the city. Workers of our team are local and give better service than other expensive pest control companies. You will not feel uncomfortable regarding service and budget, this is our guarantee of our team.

Pest Control Melbourne Van

711 Pest Control Melbourne


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03 4505 2416

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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Our pest exterminators have years of experience in the pest control industry. Our professional team takes all necessary actions to aid you. We first thoroughly investigate the property to easily diagnose the reason for the infestation. After that our team provides pest control services including fumigation, fogging, baits and repellents according to requirements. Furthermore, our pests exterminators never delay reaching you.

Thousands of pleased clients benefit from our end-of-lease service. Thus, appoint us! Moreover, we provide you with budget-friendly end-of-lease pest treatments.

The time for pest control varies from place to place:– Apartment- About 45 minutes, Granny flat- About 60 minutes, For a storeyed house, it depends on single, double and triple-storeyed houses.

The pest removal price depends on the findings an expert makes during the inspection. Moreover, the treatment plan will also not be the same for every pest type. The severity of pest infestation also plays a key role in pest control costs.

To choose a company to avail the best pest removal services, you have to check the company with: 1. Experience, 2. Credentials like certificates and verification, 3. Insurance policy, 4. Skills, and 5. Experts.

If the sprays are applied outdoors, wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes and if it’s indoors, wait for 30 to 45 minutes to continue walking. Also, make sure to discard wet paper products.

No More Terror Of Bed Bugs! Call Us To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, the name itself states their presence in beds and especially in mattresses. So, people are traumatized by these tiny but visible pests because they suck blood. Bed bugs also give you bites and skin issues for sensitive-skin people. However, you can stop bed bugs and their terror-causing actions with our services which cost you reasonably. If you want to know more about our pest control price, dial our number. Your safety is our priority for all Pest Control Eastern Suburbs needs.

What Bothers You? Rat, Spider, Rodent, Ant, and Mice We Have Pest Control Solutions For All

You can be confident when it comes to pest control services as we are the best pest control team for quality services. If rats bother you, you have our rodent control service. If you are fed up with ant bites, count on our pest control ants service. Mice around the rice bags in your kitchen? Be alert and get rid of them right today with our pest control mice service. If you find crawly pests such as spiders in the wardrobes in your bedroom, grab our spider pest control service. You give us the service name you want to avail, will offer you that!

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Easily controlled rats at my home

Rated 5.0 out of 5
20 June 2023

I was facing a lot of pest issues including rats in my house the previous month. Someone suggested me this professional and reliable service team. They inspected the house properly and controlled all pests(rats, ants and spiders). The price is very comfortable.

Rosy Adams

100 % Satisfaction

Rated 5.0 out of 5
3 June 2023

The 711 Pest Control Company did a great job by targeting all the areas of our house. The services are really professional and we are 100% satisfied with their work. Thank you for this excellent work.

A. Behich

Helped in bee removal

Rated 5.0 out of 5
28 May 2023

The staff was very helpful and took the bee removal issue so seriously. Thank you for solving the bee issue quickly and efficiently. They do a great job and are very kind and informative throughout the process. They are super professional.

Alex Bailey

Effective Wasp Treatment Options

Rated 5.0 out of 5
3 April 2023

The pest control company provides multiple effective pest treatment options to choose from. They easily control and remove all dangerous and non-dangerous species of wasps.

Roddy Grant

Affordable Price Services

Rated 4.0 out of 5
18 March 2023

I was searching for budget-friendly pest control services near my house. Thank you 711 Pest Control Company for the excellent services at an affordable price. They share prices after examining the pest infestation.

Martin Degenek
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