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    Safe and Precise Termite Control Service in Melbourne

    Are you tired of the termites present in your home? Call 711 Pest Control Melbourne and get the best termite control services. We have a team of top-class local termite control Melbourne team who have been trained to do precise service. You can book our service whenever you need it. Our professionals are available at 711 Pest Control Melbourne at your convenience. We provide same-day booking to our customers. So, if you ever want to book our termite control facilities, then we are just a phone call away.

    Why Should You Not Let Termites in Your Home?

    Termites are mostly found inside furniture and cracks. They are known for eating and decaying wooden and paper objects. Thus, they are significant threats to wooden furniture. They do not move out of any house easily. One should hire professional termite controllers to remove termites from any home.

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    Termite Control Service in Melbourne

    Don’t Be Late To Avail The Best Termite Control Services In Melbourne

    The termites can get out of control once they start breeding as they cause much structural damage to your home. So, operating in Melbourne, 711 Pest Control Melbourne helps our clients to provide the best termite inspection Melbourne service. In addition to this, we are masters in offering low termite treatment cost Melbourne services. We are a company that stands high in the termite Melbourne industry with a number of talented experts to serve our clients.

    Serving residents for many years now, our best termite inspectors in Melbourne know the client’s needs. Moreover, the termite control Melbourne service provides isn’t just limited to residential places but we serve commercial places. So, be it for just termite inspection or direct termite pest control treatment, you have us to count on. Hence, dial out our 03 4505 2416 right away to avail the best offers.

    Your Best Choice For Affordable Termite Treatment Melbourne Services

    Each year in Melbourne, termites will cause the residents millions of dollars of damage. Moreover, if you do not avail of termite control Melbourne service in time, they will cause huge damage to your place. Therefore, get in touch with our affordable termite inspection Melbourne service if you want to get rid of termites. Our termite treatment Western Melbourne team plans to resolve the termite issues as we are highly skilled. Also, despite the process such as baiting, spraying, and trapping, all our termite control methods are within your budget!

    Affordable Termite Treatment Melbourne

    We Provide The In Detail Inspection Work For Making Sure You Get The Best Termite Control Services

    Ignoring termites’ presence will cost you more as you need repairs and replacements to your place. However, this is when our termite inspection Melbourne service will come into extreme use. Because even before we start treating your place with termite control Melbourne service we do a thorough termite inspection. In the need to control termite colony severity, we do fumigation, heat treatment and local treatment processes. One such process is here:-

    Termite Inspection In The Roof Void

    Termite Inspection In The Roof Void

    Termites are a common cause of any problems that relate to major structural damage in your roof voids. As a result, we first check the roof void of a place both indoors and outdoors of a home.

    Termite Inspection Inside A Building

    Termite Inspection Inside A Building

    On termite infestation, you will eventually notice fine lines on walls and hollow sounds tapping them. In addition to this, your windows and doors will become jammed. So, our termite inspectors will check them after inspecting building roof voids.

    Termite Inspection In The Subfloor Of A Building

    Termite Inspection on the Subfloor Of A Building

    When termites can attack both building roof voids and inside of buildings, why not the subfloors of a building? In fact, this is where termites build their mounds as mud tubes. So, we inspect and implement a process to get rid of both termites and their mud tunnels.

    Termite Inspection Out The Building

    Termite Inspection Out of The Building

    Even outside of a building, if there are structures that termites attack such as fences, sheds and decks. This, in turn, will make your building appear less attractive. Therefore, do contact us for termite control Melbourne services.

    Termite Inspections Are Crucial Before Starting Any Termite Treatment. Why?

    The earlier you detect the termite issues, the better and faster you can get rid of termites with less damage. So, do not delay the termite assessment and hire our best termite inspectors Melbourne team; as it is very important for termite treatment in Melbourne service. In fact, having regular services like termite inspection is a must for every house owner. Because this way you can make termites fail their attack on your wood structures and building foundation. We do a pre-purchase termite inspection for homes to get rid of all kinds of termites.

    Termite Inspections Service

    Common Signs of Termite Activity At Your Place

    If you are alert against the termites at your place, you will notice a few common signs of their activity. A few such signs are:-

    • Live termites and their colonies in the soil can rot away the wood structures at your place
    • You will notice the jams in your doors and windows
    • Termite tunnels can create tiny holes and damage cardboard, wallpapers and cause damage under wall paint
    • You are likely to notice termite swarmers flying and discarded wings
    • Mud tubes under the subfloor and against the dry walls
    • Other signs of termite activity are termite droppings, damage to the garden and tiles, short circuits in power, etc.

    Advantages Of Hiring Our Experts For Termite Control Services In Melbourne

    Our aim is not only to provide standard termite treatments but a wide range of advantages to our clients. Therefore, we will list out a few advantages of hiring our experts.

    • We have expertise in implementing reliable and safe termite control Melbourne methods
    • Our experts are not only knowledgeable about termite inspection Melbourne service but also are certified technicians
    • Always ready to provide quick same-day and emergency termite control services on time
    • For treating any kind of termites at your place, we have many affordable termite removal packages
    • We are local and the best termite inspectors in Melbourne you can get in touch with us from anywhere in Melbourne
    • Use green and non-toxic solutions to get rid of termites and their colonies from your place in a very short time.

    For Whole Melbourne-Wide, Our Termite Inspection Treatment Is Available For Both Residential And Commercial Premises

    Be it the termites indoors, outdoors or underground soil, we provide termite pest control Melbourne services. These services are available for both residential and commercial places.

    Bait Systems

    Bait Systems

    For pests such as termites, we install baiting systems as a termite control Melbourne service and monitor them. These bait systems are small and tubular plastic devices that we plant into the soil. We will install the bait systems 3 to 4 feet away from your house foundation. Also, our baits are non-toxic!

    Wood Treatment

    Wood Treatment

    To treat wood at your home and get rid of termites in no time, we do wood treatment with borate-based preservatives. This way termites will get poisoned when they eat the wood we treated. Also, after the wood termite treatment Melbourne service, we will add a seal of borate on the wood.

    Soil Treatment

    Soil Treatment

    The soil which is in immediate contact with the foundations of a home can damage your home from its base. So, we use both eco-friendly pesticides and set up repellents and barriers to fight against termites. Hence, do call us to avail yourself of this treatment.

    Want To Save Both Your Money And Time? Hire Our Professional Termite Controllers In Melbourne

    Once you hire us for 24/7 Termite Inspection Melbourne and termite control treatment, you can directly save your money. Because you can skip buying tools and machines necessary for termite treatment in Melbourne. In addition to this, you can also save your every and more importantly time of all the hassle you will have to face; if you opt for DIYs. So, contact us for our aid right now! We also serve Melbourne’s nearest areas:- Newtown, Highton, Geelong, Belmont, Avalon and other areas.

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    Easily controlled rats at my home

    20 June 2023

    I was facing a lot of pest issues including rats in my house the previous month. Someone suggested me this professional and reliable service team. They inspected the house properly and controlled all pests(rats, ants and spiders). The price is very comfortable.

    Rosy Adams

    100 % Satisfaction

    3 June 2023

    The 711 Pest Control Company did a great job by targeting all the areas of our house. The services are really professional and we are 100% satisfied with their work. Thank you for this excellent work.

    A. Behich

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    Easily controlled rats at my home

    20 June 2023

    I was facing a lot of pest issues including rats in my house the previous month. Someone suggested me this professional and reliable service team. They inspected the house properly and controlled all pests(rats, ants and spiders). The price is very comfortable.

    Rosy Adams

    100 % Satisfaction

    3 June 2023

    The 711 Pest Control Company did a great job by targeting all the areas of our house. The services are really professional and we are 100% satisfied with their work. Thank you for this excellent work.

    A. Behich

    Helped in bee removal

    28 May 2023

    The staff was very helpful and took the bee removal issue so seriously. Thank you for solving the bee issue quickly and efficiently. They do a great job and are very kind and informative throughout the process. They are super professional.

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