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7 Possible Causes Ants Are Infesting Your Home

7 Possible Causes Ants Are Infesting Your Home

Ants are very commonly found pests in your houses. They can cause a lot of problems and infest your house in large numbers. Ants are very common insects and it is hard to prevent or avoid them. They are very small and can enter your house through various cracks and entry points. You will always find the ants in large numbers as they usually come in groups. Ants are usually not dangerous as they do not cause any diseases but they can bite which can provide itching and other problems. Ants will also steal away your food. You can get rid of the ants using many home-based ways. You can also hire ant control professionals to get rid of them. Ants get into your house and infest your house for many reasons. If you want to know in detail about What Attracts Ants to the Home, read the blog carefully. 

7 Possible Causes Ants Are Infesting Your Home

Possible Causes Why Ants Are Infesting Your Home

Some things can surprise you when you will know “What Attracts Ants to the Home”. Let’s see all possible causes in detail. 

  1. Your Neighbours Might Have Ant Invasion- This is one of the main causes why ants are infesting your home. Sometimes your house might not have any problem but it can be the neighbour’s house. You might be wondering how the ants are infesting your house without any reason. Your house may be clean and neat but still, you will find ants in your house. If your neighbour’s house is close to your house, the ants will slowly start migrating from their house to your house. You can either contact the building administrator or you can even directly talk to your neighbours concerning the ant invasion problem. 
  1. Leaving Your Food- Like other insects and animals, ants too need food and water for living. If you leave your food left open, there are chances that ants will infest your house. Ants usually look for food in the summer season. Mostly you will find a group of ants in your kitchen or in the areas where there is food. This is one of the main reasons in What Attracts Ants to the Home. You can cover the food in order to prevent the ants from infesting your house. 
  1. Ants Seeking Water- Although ants might get enough water from their food there are some species of ants that require water for their living. The species of ants that need water are pharaoh ants. Leaky pipes and taps can result in the accumulation of water which will attract these ants to your house. 
  1. Climate- Change in climate is the main reason why ants are found in your house. Ants usually live in the mud. Ants are cold-blooded creatures that rely on the climate to regulate their body temperature. During winter ants will seek cozy interiors for which your house can be the best option for them. 
  1. Clutter And Garbage BinsAnts love to infest in places that can provide them with both food and shelter, your house clutter and garbage bins can be the best place for them. This is one of the possible causes of ants infesting your home. You must keep the clutter clean and throw your garbage daily to prevent the ants from getting into your house. 
  1. Reproduction- During the spring season as a house owner you are going to encounter a lot of ants in your house and especially flying ants. They are known as reproductive ants. They visit your house and start reproducing which later results in a whole colony of ants. This is one of the possible causes of ants infesting your house, especially during the spring season. 
  1. Shelter- During extreme temperatures ants usually look for a place to survive. It can be a heat wave or a frost that makes the ants come out of the holes and enter your house. 

How To Get Rid Of The Ant Infestation From Your House?

We hope you understood “What Attracts Ants to the Home”. There are many ways through which you can get rid of the ants in your house. Some of the common ways are given below. 

  • Keep Your Surroundings CleanWhether it’s ants or any other pests, they love to infest areas that are not clean enough. If your house is cleaned and well maintained, there are many chances that the pests will not infest your house. 
  • Remove Their Access To FoodKeeping your food covered is another great way of keeping the ants away from your house. Ants look for food and water in your house, if they do not get the food they will not infest your house. You can take some measures by covering the food or keeping it out of the reach of the ants and other pests. 
  • Use Essential Oils- There are many essential oils that are useful in getting rid of ants. You can use tea tree oil, lemon eucalyptus oil and various other oils and spread them in the area where you find the ant infestation. 

Get Professional Help- 

Hiring professionals can be one of the best options for you to get rid of all kinds of pests in your house. They use all the best techniques that are helpful in removing the pests from your house. Professionals properly inspect first to make sure that they find out the areas of infestation and then they start working on pest removal. Professionals use all the skills which help them in giving good pest control results to their clients. 

If you live in Melbourne and are looking to hire the best pest control service providers, 711 Pest Control would be the best option for you. We have all the best quality tools that are useful in getting rid of ants and also other pests. We provide all kinds of pest control services at reasonable prices. Our pest control team will also offer you pest inspection and pest prevention services. Pests like ants and spiders can stay in your house for a long time, so you must take action to get rid of them as soon as possible. 

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